Mr. Ushik Gala, Directors

Under the Young Turk Mr. Ushik Gala who has taken over as Chairman-cum-Managing Director,

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Mr. Ushik Gala, Chairman & Managing Director

“The most powerful thing about time is that it changes.”

Under the Young Turk Mr. Ushik Gala who has taken over as Chairman-cum-Managing Director, Suumaya Industries Limited is continuing to propel forward and receiving global recognition as well as sharing its inclusive and youthful spirit with its consumers.

Talking about taking over the reign of the company, the young, down-to-earth leader feels “a great sense of responsibility and accountability to touch the lives of people in our journey”. He has played a major role in inflicting all the operational changes within the company in its transition period from B2B to B2B2C. A major highlight has also been the listing of the company in NSE Emerge from where it further graduated to the NSE Main Board. Spearheading the business during the very challenging pandemic-stricken times and venturing into the agro business, one of mainstays of the business currently, is another feather in his cap. The 360-degrees turnaround of the company saw key segments like medical textile, agro retail and rural finance being added to its already-rich portfolio of services. A visionary in his own right, he is of the opinion that an impending challenge for the human race will involve crisis of food and we should thus be adequately prepared for it.

As an enterprising entrepreneur, his goals include nurturing the company to grow beyond textile women wear and apparel to a sustainable business empire for centuries to come. Enhancing the lives of people positively, aggressive marketing plans, adapting new technology, delivering ahead of its time and contributing significantly to India’s growth as a superpower by 2030 are some of his other aspirations. Most importantly, Gala’s belief that customer service reigns supreme over every other aspect is a leitmotif followed throughout his conglomerate of businesses.