We improve the availability of safe, affordable, nutritious food by promoting market access for farmers, transporting food to areas of need and addressing hunger worldwide:

Farmers need reliable markets for their crops, proper crop storage, access to credit, transparent pricing and the ability to manage risk. We understand what it takes for crops to be commercially viable, and we bring that market insight to our collaboration with farmers, corporates, civil society groups and other partners to build sustainable supply chains and develop long-term solutions to help farmers thrive.

Agriculture can meet the world’s rising demand for food. Improving global food security, especially in the midst of climate change, means the right crops must be grown in the most productive places and food must move from places of abundance to places of scarcity. Investments in innovation and training will give farmers the tools they need to increase productivity and meet tomorrow’s food demand. We know the world’s farmers are resilient entrepreneurs. We support farmers at all levels of production as they adapt to changing growing conditions, consumer demands and nutritional needs.